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Providing Animal Care and Training for Vets
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Helping local farm families with care for all of their animals

Farm families depend on their donkeys for family transport as well as transport for equipment, crops, and manure. The donkeys are the cornerstone of agriculture for the millions of small farmers as well as the millions who depend on them for food. It is vital to the families that the animals are healthy and capable of work. Farmers also raise cows and buffalo for milk production, goats for milk and meat, poultry and rabbits for meat and eggs. These products are vital for the family's nutrition and for the possibility of disposable income to pay for food, clothing, school supplies and medicines.

We offer basic animal veterinary services, education on feeding practices, minor surgeries, and workshops to increase animal care knowledge. Treatment takes place on site or at one of four mobile veterinary clinic stations. In addition, many young vets and students visit and accompany the mobile clinics to gain experience and knowledge about the realities of animal handling and treatment.

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A series of observations by the staff and manager at Al Sorat Farm in Egypt led to the start of Rural Wellness Initiative Egypt more than 10 years ago. We provide the best animal rescue efforts and educational equine veterinary outreach services to farmers. Led by a very supportive hierarchy and overseen by our district leader, called Omda, we work daily with approximately 600 local families in small villages throughout the area to bring awareness, education, medicine, services, and support. The goal of our team of farm staff and volunteers is to minimize illness and accidents through preventative medical practices.

Riding horses through the farming areas around the farm, we noticed that the physical conditions of animals in the countryside needed improvement. Many animals were thin and donkeys had long scars, indicating a need for the control of parasites, such as habronema. While our farm staff was researching inexpensive ways to treat and feed horses and donkeys, we learned that many farmers didn't know how to keep their animals healthy. We knew we had to come up with a way to provide the education and treatment these animals needed.

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Hours of Operation
Monday–Sunday, 9:00 a.m.–Sunset

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